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Science policy essays

Check out Nadir Jeevanjee, Natalie Pilgeram, Samanthan Robeson, and Michael Burnim-Fink essays on science and technology policy. Read their entries here.

Nonprofit Networking
Student Pugwash is building a network of nonprofits in our field. Read more about our efforts.  View this map of U.S. nonprofits working with students on science, technology, and society.

Purdue Student Pugwash Conference a Success! Check out the highlights.

Some of our National Conference attendees

Student Pugwash USA (SPUSA) is an educational, nonprofit organization that strives to add a dimension to scientific study that goes beyond formulas and figures. Activities encourage young people to probe the reasons for scientific advancement and the implications of technology on citizens' everyday lives. While examining all sides of an issue, SPUSA increases students' ability to think independently about the issues that affect society -- issues that range from international conflict to environmental protection, from genetics research to civil rights. SPUSA focuses on the interplay that lies at the juncture of science, technology, and public policy.